Ocean Seven 310 Multiparameter CTD


The OCEAN SEVEN 310 multiparameter CTD represents a real breakthrough in the concept of miniaturization, integration and performance.
Thanks to the adoption of a new generation of electronic devices, the OS310 can interface with up to 14 analogue sensors and up to 2 digital sensors (see list) and can guarantee sampling rates up to 28Hz.
The OS310 CTD can be easily integrated/adapted to third-party systems like floating profilers and/or oceanographic moorings, ROVs and AUVs.
IDRONAUT prides itself on the design of its full ocean depth, pump free, low maintenance sensors.
The OS310 does not require pumps or any other external device to flush the sensors, which minimizes its power consumption.
The OS310 is characterized by a drift free sensor preamplifiers.
The operator can easily select the OS310 sampling rate from 1Hz to 28Hz (samples per second), according to the required monitoring or profiling activity.

The high accuracy seven-platinum-ring quartz conductivity cell (patented) can be cleaned in the field without the need for re-calibration.
This unique quartz cell employs a large diameter (8mm) and a short length (46mm) to guarantee self-flushing and no clogging after long-term deployment even in biologically active waters.
Furthermore, an optional UV LED (280 nm), integrated into the conductivity cell, sterilizes the sample under measurement, thus avoiding the early growth of biofouling inside the quartz measuring cell.

The OS310 CTD is equipped with a 2-Gbyte SD memory card, which allows the storing of about 30,000,000 data sets each one being composed of the reading of all the installed sensors plus the acquisition date and time.
The OS310 communicates at a speed of 115k2 bps, thus keeping data uploading time to a minimum.
Different types of battery can be installed in the CTD housing:

  • 3 x size "AA" Alkaline 1.5V non rechargeable battery assembled in a single pack 4.5V
  • 1 x size "AA" Li-SOCI2 Lithium-thionyl chloride non rechargeable battery 3.6V, 2.4Ah
  • 1 x size “C” Li-SOCI2 Lithium-thionyl chloride non rechargeable battery 3.6V, 8.4Ah
  • 1 x NiMh rechargeable IDRONAUT custom battery pack (3x1.2 AA) 3.6V, 4.5Ah

Whenever the OS310 operates in TimedBurst and Conditional modes, the battery endurance is considerably extended because the CTD enters a deep sleep mode between acquisitions.

The telemetry interface allows interfacing the OS310 through standard oceanographic coaxial cables up to 10Km long.
When communicating through data telemetry, the IDRONAUT deck units are mandatory.
The OS310 can use both the low-voltage (60 VDC) Portable deck unit and the high-voltage (220 VDC) on-board MkPlus deck unit.

The OS310 multiparameter CTD can be equipped with the following sensors to measure:

(1) At 1 m/second flow rate.
(2) From nitrogen to air.
(3) Other standard pressure transducers: 10, 40, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 7000, 10000 dbar.
(4) Differential pH preamplifier, 1013 ÷ 1014 ohm input impedance.
(5) Optional extended range, available upon request.
(6) A special FAST membrane, with time constant 3s, is available upon request.
The fundamental properties of seawater like: Salinity, Sound Speed, Water Density, Oxygen ppm are obtained using the algorithms described in the UNESCO “Technical papers in marine science no.44”.
The fresh water properties like: TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), Fresh Water Conductivity corrected at 20°C and 25°C are automatically calculated.

The OS310 can be optionally equipped with up to 14 analogue sensors and 2 digital devices.
The measuring range, resolution, accuracy and time constant if not indicated, belong to the interfaced sensor.

Sampling system: GENERAL OCEANICS 1018 Rosette, IDRONAUT Miniaturized 6 bottles Water Sampling System.
(1) Other standard pressure transducers: 100, 1000, 2000, 4000, 7000 dbar.
(2) Provided with auto-range: 25, 125, 500, >2500 FTU; 5, 15, 50, 150 µg/l.
(3) Chlorophyll a, Phycocyanin, Phycoerythrin for algae monitoring; Rhodamine WT or Fluorescein for dye tracing applications; Nephelometer for turbidity monitoring.

REDAS-5 software is a true 32-bit Windows application that, through a simplified and friendly operator interface, allows taking full control of the OS310 multiparameter CTD and facilitates real-time data acquisitions and uploading of data stored in the CTD memory.
REDAS-5 shows the acquired data graphically and numerically thus allowing the operator to dynamically change the graphical and numerical set-up during data acquisition.
Data processing, filtering  and data extraction procedures, in function of time, pressure or numerical intervals can be applied in real time or on data retrieved from the CTD memory.
Acquisition of geographical coordinates from a GPS receiver can be automatically associated to acquired data.