Buoy Profiler 601

Buoy Profiler 601

The BUOY PROFILER 601 is an automatic in-situ monitoring system, able to acquire data with high frequency and making them available in real-time. The core of the monitoring system is the Buoy Controller Module which allows, through the availability of advanced digital and analogue interfaces, the creation of a true interdisciplinary monitoring system. Furthermore, taking advantage of the advanced communication systems like phone (GSM/CDMA, 4G) cellular networks reliable and powerful real-time communications toward and from the BUOY PROFILER 601 can be accomplished. The BUOY PROFILER 601 can be moored in place quickly, without special tools; the buoy can be easily moved by towing with a small vessel. The BUOY PROFILER 601 is equipped with the OCEAN SEVEN 316Plus multiparameter CTD which has been designed for oceanographic application and uses very reliable, accurate; and drift-free high-quality sensors, associated with advanced and innovative integrated antifouling system. The computer-driven motorized winch is located on the top of the buoy hull that contains the Buoy Controller module and the data transceiver module. The Buoy Controller Module supervise the buoy operations, from the winch movements to the internal diagnostics functions. Thanks to the motorized winch it is possible to performs automatic vertical profiles with the OCEAN SEVEN 316Plus which measures among others: pressure, temperature, conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen, pH and oxidation-reduction potential and can interface external sensors or data acquisition system (see the OCEAN SEVEN 316Plus description).

The buoy hull is manufactured from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) with stainless steel AISI316 inserts and internally filled with polyurethane foam. A rubber bumper is fitted around the buoy at water level. Eyebolts are provided for lifting, lowering into water and for mooring. The size and weight of the buoy Allow easy handling and transport. The hull holds up to 8 rechargeable batteries (12V, 40 A/h each) giving 3.5 KW hours of reserve power.

  1. Hull, contains the Buoy Controller module, the data transceiver module and the batteries.
  2. Computer driven winch.
  3. Marine antenna.
  4. Connectors.
  5. Mooring eyes.
  6. Wheel and pulley support for cable and Multiparameter Probe.
  7. The winch standard cable length is 30 meters of 5 mm polyurethane coaxial armored cable. A special winch version can accept up to 200 meters of 3.2 mm zinc steel armored cable (for fresh water only).
  8. OCEAN SEVEN 316Plus probe.


Diameter: 1050 mm, Height: 800 mm, Weight: 160 Kg.


  • Photovoltaic power module.
  • Software and hardware to interface a VAISALA meteorological station
  • Software and Hardware to interface a RDI WORKHORSE ADCP.
  • GPS positioning device.

The Buoy Controller Module thanks to the modularity of its hardware and software components easiness its adaptation to the Buoy profiler 601 characteristics making it ideally to manage multidisciplinary monitoring systems. The Buoy Controller module supervises the monitoring activities, it collect and store data from all the attached measuring probes/sensors at pre-set time intervals, forwarding them to the control node land based station once it is called or automatically at the end of data acquisition cycles. Collected data is maintained in a non-volatile memory waiting to be sent to the land station.

Its main performances are:

  • Low power consumption when operative, negligible consumption during the wait periods.
  • Automatic wake-up on programmed timeouts or measuring system service requests.
  • Communication with a management station through the GSM or 4G cellular network.
  • Local and remote configuration through a friendly user interface.
  • Built-in diagnostic and power consumption monitoring capabilities allows the Buoy Controller module to diagnose and report its failures or failures of the connected measuring systems.
  • Field upgrading of the management software, allowing bug solving and system improvements in field without the interruption of the monitoring activities.
  • Innovative profiling capabilities like: micro-profilation and automatic stop and go on the data acquisition point.
  • Antifouling management which if used with the IDRONAUT OCEAN SEVEN probes greatly extends the probe working period.

The OCEAN SEVEN 316Plus is equipped with an electrochemical innovative antifouling system which enables the probe to be operated for periods usually longer than 1 month, thus maintaining the measuring sensor accuracy within specifications. The antifouling system does not interfere with measurements and is not harmful to the environment where monitoring occurs: vice versa, it prevents the formation of mineral and biological fouling in correspondence of the measuring sensors.

The core of the land based control station is the REBUS program which allows the user to carry out remote BUOY PROFILER 601 control, diagnose, configuration and data retrieval operations, in attended or unattended way. REBUS can control a high number of Buoy profiler 601; this makes it possible to organize and manage geographically dispersed monitoring system from a single land station.
Moreover, by means of the REBUS programme there is the possibility to follow, in near real-time, the physical processes operating in the water column and the chemical reactions occurring in marine waters due to a natural phenomenon or to an anthropic impact.
Consequently, it is possible to intervene by directly modifying the Buoy profiler 601 operating parameters at the right moment and in the right way, for example by varying the data acquisition frequency or the maximum, minimum depth.

Here in after are listed some of the main features of the programme:

  • Simplified operator’s interface taking advantage of the Windows operating system resources.
  • Configuration and remote management of the BUOY PROFILER 601.
  • Retrieving and numerical representation of the data collected by the BUOY PROFILER 601.
  • Automatic communication, in absence of the operator on four daily time or repetitive time interval.
  • Retrieving and storing in text files of the BUOY PROFILER 601 status information.
  • On-line contextual help system.
  • Different level of system security by means of customisable BUOY PROFILER 601 access password and configuration access password.