Redas Full


REDAS5 software through a simplified and friendly operator interface allows to take full control of the OCEAN SEVEN 3xx probes easing real time acquisition, configuration of unattended acquisition cycles and uploading of data stored in the OCEAN SEVEN probes memory.



Aim of this program is to provide a simple and reliable tool that IDRONAUT customers can freely use to communicate with its products, like the OCEAN SEVEN 3xx probes.

Reader screen


The aim of µREDAS is to emulate the REDAS-5 data acquisition functions on a rugged mobile computer (PDA) running the Windows Mobile, through a simplified and intuitive operator interface software.

CT-01 Calibration SW

Calibration and management program that greatly simplifies and automates the calibration of conductivity, temperature and pressure sensors.

Multiplex Software


Aim of multiplex program is to provide simultaneous real time data acquisition from the nine (9) OCEAN SEVEN 3xx CTD and from the optional GPS connected to the Multiplex Deck Unit.

VIP Windows Full

VIP Windows

Friendly Windows-based management programme which allows the operator to easily manage all the operations required by the ViP probe during activities.