UV Antifouling

UV Antifouling

A Crystal IS UVC LED (Ultraviolet 250-300 nm@500µW Light-Emitting Diode) is integrated into the conductivity sensor quartz cell (patent pending). The UVC LED sterilizes the early growth of biofouling, thus eliminating environmental drift in the conductivity sensor.

  • Specifically designed for full-ocean long-term salinity monitoring.
  • Negligible power consumption.
  • Integrated miniaturized Crystal IS UVC LED (280 nm).
  • The UVC LED radiates the sample through the transparent quartz cell and does not interfere with the conductivity measurement.
  • The UVC radiation avoids early growth of bio-fouling inside the cell.
  • Non harmful UVC because radiation is confined inside the sensor body.

Conductivity measurement is accomplished by using a unique platinum seven- ring quartz cell. The advantage of this design is that there are no platinum black surfaces which can be contaminated or can deteriorate during profiling or monitoring. The sensor can be easily cleaned in the field.

Technical specifications:

(1) At 1 m/second flow rate.

N.B. Dimensions are in millimeters.