Advanced Tools

Cond 700dbar

UV Antifouling

The UVC LED sterilizes the early growth of biofouling, thus eliminating environmental drift in the conductivity sensor.

Antifouling cover


The antifouling kit is composed of a central titanium electrode which supplies an electrical current towards six external titanium electrodes on which a copper foil (replaceable) surrounding the sensors, can be wrapped.

Reader 3

Portable Reader

Portable lightweight and extremely rugged reader to perform the operations usually performed by means of a computer but without its the limitations.


CTD Wireless Adapter

The Bluetooth and WiFi wireless modules allow bi-directional full duplex communications between the OCEAN SEVEN 3xx CTD and a Personal Computer without using a direct (cable) connection.

Submersible battery pack new

Submersible Battery Pack

The OCEAN SEVEN submersible 150 bar and 700 bar rechargeable battery packs (14.4VDC 4.5Ah) are housed in a plastic and a titanium.


Multiplex System

The “Multiplex System” allows the deployment of up to nine OCEAN SEVEN 3xx CTDs contemporarily.

Remote Depth Readout Display

Remote Depth Readout

The OCEAN SEVEN Remote Depth Readout displays the OCEAN SEVEN 3xx CTD real-time pressure data, by means of a liquid crystal display, housed in a rugged waterproof container suitable for mounting at the winch operator’s position.