Portable Reader

Portable Reader

IDRONAUT introduces a portable lightweight and extremely rugged reader based on a high-performance Intel® XScale™ processor and on the Windows Mobile™ software for Pocket PC. Through this device, it is possible to perform the operations usually performed by means of a portable personal computer but without all the limitations that the use of a portable computer in the field and in hostile environments normally implies, like: battery endurance, display reading under sunlight, water and dust tightness, weight, etc.
The “Portable Reader” interfaces the OCEAN SEVEN 3xx probes through a built-in RS232C interface and dedicated IDRONAUT programmes, specifically developed for the Windows Mobile operating system: ZTERM and μREDAS. These programmes interface the OCEAN SEVEN 3xx probes and allow the operator to directly dialogue with the probes thus performing: sensor calibration, real-time data acquisition, probe configuration, etc. All these operations are possible because of the OCEAN SEVEN 3xx probe smartness included in the management firmware.

The “Portable Reader” not only shows real-time data sent by the OS3xx probe, but also stores it. Data is stored in binary files using the “Portable Reader” main or extension Compact “Flash” memory which can be later transferred to a desktop personal computer using the Microsoft ActiveSync programme. Data acquired by means of the “μREDAS” programme must be imported using the REDAS-5 programme.
Data storage capability of the “Portable Reader” is limited only by the size of the installed Compact “Flash” memory card.
The “Portable Reader” can operate for up to 15 hours continuously. Autonomy of the interfaced OCEAN SEVEN probe depends on the battery installed inside the probe and the kind of OCEAN SEVEN 3xx probe. The following table resumes the OCEAN SEVEN 3xx probe autonomy (probe acquiring data continuously) using the standard alkaline battery.

The RS232C cable can be up to 100 m long and can be installed on a manual portable winch, if needed. This cable allows the operator to communicate with the probe in real time and to mechanically support the probe during the deployment. Through the “Portable Reader”, it is possible to dialogue with the OCEAN SEVEN 3XX probe directly visualizing acquired data and storing them in files in the “Portable Reader” memory .

The “Portable Reader” can interface the IDRONAUT telemetry deck unit to overcome the limitation of the RS232C cables (100 m). In that case, the telemetry deck unit not only interfaces the OCEAN SEVEN probe, but also gives the power to the probe, thus greatly increasing the system autonomy. The telemetry armoured coaxial cable not only allows the communications with the probe, but also supports the probe mechanically during the deployment.
The “Portable Reader” can be fixed on the cover of the deck unit thus making the field operations easier. Through the “Portable Reader” and the deck unit, it is possible to dialogue with the OCEAN SEVEN 3XX probe directly visualizing acquired data and storing them in files in the “Portable Reader” memory.

The “Portable Reader” weighs 596 g and exceeds military specifications for drop, vibration and both high and low temperature operation. The “Portable Reader” integrates a 5200 mAh battery pack with RS232C interface and USB ports. The protection cap o-ring seal protects a Memory Card Flash® slot from rain, wind and dust and it supports qualified memory and Bluetooth®, wireless LAN or GPS cards. The main characteristics of the “Portable Reader” are below indicated.

Standard Features:

  • Windows Mobile 6 (Classic edition).
  • Touch screen.
  • Rugged submersible design integrated speaker and microphone.
  • Notification LEDs and keypad backlighting for night use.
  • Numeric style keypad.

Standard software:

  • Microsoft® Office Mobile: Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile,
    Outlook Mobile.
  • Internet Explorer Mobile.
  • Contacts/Calendar, Tasks,Notes, Calculator.
  • Windows Media Player, Microsoft Pictures and Videos.
  • On-line help.
  • Idronaut application programmes dedicated to interface the OCEAN SEVEN 3xx probes: ZTERM; μREDAS.

Physical specifications:

Environment specifications:

Electrical specifications: