VIPW Software

VIP Windows

Human activities release continuously in the environment and in particular in aquatic systems, inorganic or organic compounds. Even generally in low amplitude, these inputs are “chronic” and at term modify the ecological equilibrium of the natural systems in a deep and permanent manner. The ViP (Voltammetric In-Situ Probe) allow the detection of very low concentrations of chemical compounds called Heavy Metals: Zinc, Copper, Lead, Cadmium among others.
The ViP is controlled through a friendly Windows-based management programme which allows the operator to easily manage all the operations required by the ViP probe during activities like: Laboratory Ir-µsensor preparation and calibration; Field measurements; Acquired data uploading; Acquired data graphic presentation and post-processing.
The ViP windows program is constituted by different windows that can be closed or opened depending on the type of activity undertaken. The main window (always present) allows the operator to access the programme menus and the program toolbar. This last allows the operator to run the most important programme functions by means of point-and-click icons which represents a shortcut to the desired function. Among other functions, that the ViP Windows programme facilitates it is worth to mention that the measurement cycle performed by the ViP probe can be easily and fully customized by the operator through the preparation of personalized measurement methods. The measurement methods are created by assembling pre-defined macro instructions through a programme built-in editor.