Ocean Seven 306 pH and Redox Probe

Ocean Seven 306 pH and Redox Probe

pH and Redox Probe

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The OCEAN SEVEN 306 pH and redox probe is provided with analogue output 0..5V and allows the in situ determination of pH and redox (ORP - oxidation reduction potential) in natural waters as oceans, lakes, rivers and estuaries, at depths down to 600 bar. The OCEAN SEVEN 306 pH and redox combined probe, is specifically designed to simplify the integration into CTD probe.


Measuring principle: potentiometric
pH sensor: glass membrane
Redox sensor: platinum electrode
Reference sensor: Ag/AgCl double bridge
Measuring range:
                                    pH: 3..11 pH (*)
                                    Redox: +/- 1000 mV
                                    pH: 0.03 pH 
                                    Redox: +/- 10mV
                                    pH: 0.01 pH
                                    Redox: +/- 2mV
Time constant:             t63% < 3 s
Temperature range:    -2.. +38øC
                                    pH: 0..5 VDC
                                    Redox: 0..5 VDC (**)
Power supply:             12VDC (11..15 VDC)
Power consumption:   30 mA@12 VDC
                                    Probe housing: white POM plastic for 1500 m or AISI 316L for 6000 m
                                    Sensor body: titanium 
                                    Probe diameter: POM 75 mm or  AISI 316L 48.5 mm
                                    Probe Length: POM 480 mm or AISI 316L 325 mm
Bulkhead connector:     MCBH-6-mini-wet-pluggable

(*) The pH electronic range is user customizable to: 0..14 pH, 2..12 or 3..11(default).
(**) An offset of +2500mV shifts the redox sensor output.
Therefore, the redox sensor output is +1500 mV to +3500 mV.