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In cases where the 601 or 701 buoy supports are not adapted (weight or marine standard requirements) due to the adverse marine conditions expected during intended use, or the customer is already in possession of an alternative, the IDRONAUT PROFILER MODULE provides a suitable profiler for installation on the existing system.
The module can be easily installed, vertically or horizontally, using the four bolt holes present on the lower part. The container is manufactured from glass reinforced plastic (GRP) with stainless steel AISI316 inserts and internally filled with polyurethane foam. On the top cover are installed the motorized winch and the water proof connections for external systems such as a battery pack, solar panel, antenna, meteorological station, etc. The PROFILER MODULE contains the Controller Module which manages the winch profiles, and the associated sensor package, data acquisition and storage, communication with a shore station via a cellular phone link. Alternative communications systems can be interfaced through one of the RS232 interfaces. The PROFILER MODULE is equipped with:

> The OCEAN SEVEN 316 CTD multiparameter probe which has been designed for oceanographic application and uses very reliable, accurate and drift-free high quality sensors, associated with an advanced and innovative integrated antifouling system.

>The Buoy Controller Module which contains all the hardware and software to supervise the buoy operations, from the winch movements to the internal diagnostics functions.

> The computer-driven motorized winch which is located on the top of the buoy hull that contains the Buoy Controller Module too.

> The cellular phone link modules (or UHF radio modem or satellite relay system).
In addition the Controller Module can interface three additional instruments (e.g. a current meter, a small meteorological station, an RDI WORKHORSE ADCP or a GPS) by means of three RS232C ports. The Controller Module collects, stores and forwards to the shore station all the measured parameters.

:: Solar panel to extend battery endurance.
:: Software and hardware to interface a YOUNGâ meteorological station (Wind speed and direction (compass compensated), Barometric pressure, Relative Humidity, Temperature).
:: Software and Hardware to interface an RDI WORKHORSE ADCP.
:: Software and Hardware to interface a GPS positioning device.
:: UHF/VHF Radio Modem.