Metrology Laboratory

Metrology Laboratory

IDRONAUT Metrology Laboratory is equipped with the following primary standards and equipments.
The "Conductivity-Temperature Transfer Standard CT 01Plus" is a compact and rugged instrument designed for the metrology laboratories to perform calibration of oceanographic CTD probes. It combines a Primary Standard 100 ohm RPRT (Reference Platinum Resistance Thermometer), a large-sized Idronaut self-flushing cell provided with seven internal rings of fused platinum in the quartz with a microprocessor controlled high resolution and high accuracy electronic amplifier.
Optionally, the CT 01Plus can become a redundant measuring system when equipped with two temperature and two conductivity sensors.
The high performance electronics collects and transmits the temperature and conductivity readings through the RS232C interface from 1 to 10 times per second. The functions of the CT 01Plus are managed by means of a simple communication protocol through the RS232C interface. A Windows interfacing and calibration management programme "ICAL", which greatly simplifies the CTD probes calibrations, completes the CT 01Plus.
The IDRONAUT OCEAN SEVEN 309 USB thermometer provides very accurate temperature measurements, transmitted in real time to a Windows PDA or PC.
A simple and friendly Windows program allows the operator to set up the thermometer interface and acquire the very accurate temperature measurements in real time.
The probe of the thermometer can be placed in the Hart Scientific Gallium Primary Standard which provides 29.7646 (ITS90) ±0.002°C, for accuracy testing purposes and/or realignment.
The thermometer has very low response time, the tip of the probe is made of pure silver, with negligible self-heating error. The USB port powers the thermometer directly.

Range                Accuracy     Resolution     Stability

-5..       +30°C     ± 0.003 °C   0.0001 °C      ±0.001°C/month
+30..  +105°C     ± 0.030 °C   0.0001 °C
+105..+150°C     ± 0.300 °C   0.0001 °C

Power USB port powered
Sampling rate 1 Hz to 0.1 Hz
Data interface USB 2.0, custom cable
Diameter Ø 16 mm
Total length 190 mm
Length of the probe 100 mm
Diameter of the probe 3 mm, silver tip
Housing - probe POM - AISI316L
Weight 20 g


The Model ATB-1250 is a compact instrument designed to speed and simplify temperature/resistance measurements in standards and metrology laboratories. It allows the user to enter thermometer constants, either manually or automatically, and then read temperature (°C or K) and resistance directly from the display. The unique AC bridge and microprocessor permit control of various measurements or accuracy verification modes by an operator or an external computer. Operator control is implemented via a front panel keypad in conjunction with an alphanumeric display. Computer control and data transmission is via an RS-232-C or optional IEEE-488 interface. Conversion of resistance to temperature is accomplished by the standard IPTS-68 equation. The microprocessor performs the calculation of resistance to temperature while the bridge is digitizing. The Model ATB-1250 is widely used with the companion CSA-1250 conductivity/salinity adaptor, which provides highly accurate data for calibrating conductivity.
The Hart Scientific Model 7012 is a very precise constant temperature bath. An innovative state of the art solid-state temperature controller has been incor¬porated which maintains the bath temperature with extreme stability. The controller uses a microcontroller to execute the manifold operating functions. User interface is provided by the 8-digit LED display as well as by the four key-switches. Digital remote communication is optionally available with an RS-232C or IEEE-488 interface. The tank for the 7012 is in titanium and holds 36 litres. Two Hart Scientific 7012 units are present in the laboratory.

Operating range -10°C to 110°C
Stability +/- 0.0008°C@25°C
Heaters 500 and 1000 watts
Cooling capacity 100-200 watts
Refrigeration 1/5 Hp
Access opening 162 x 292 mm
Depth 457 mm
Wetted parts titanium
Volume 42 litres
Weight 68 kg
Size 775 x 787 x 463.6 mm
Cooling capacity 100-200 watts
Refrigeration 1/5 Hp
The Guildline 8410A Portasal® is a truly portable, high precision instrument from the world leader in salinometers. This all new instrument will deliver Salinity calculations on board ship with laboratory level confidence. The 8410A combines the latest in microprocessor technology with the time-tested measurement principles and reliability of the Guildline Autosal Laboratory Salinometer. It is housed in a compact, protected package that is easy to use while providing faster calculations and improved data logging capability. This portable salinometer measures accurate conductivity ratios and displays calculated salinity directly as well as measured parameters.
Accuracy <+/- 0.003 PSS
Range 2 to 42 on the PSS
0.004 to 76 mS/cm
Resolution < 0.0003 on the PSS
Temperature stability +/- 0.001°C
Operating temperature 10 °C to 40 °C
The Hart Scientific Model 5943 Stainless Steel Gallium Cell holds a gallium sample that is 99.99999+% pure. The gallium is sealed in a Teflon envelope in a high purity argon atmosphere, which is itself sealed inside a stainless steel housing. This double-sealing method reduces leaching into the gallium sample and ensures a life of ten years or longer for the cell.

Nominal temperature values 29.7446°C
Expanded Uncertainty (K=2) +/- 1.0 mK (0.5 Typical)
Metal sample purity 99.99999%
Immersion depth 76.2 mm
Casing material Stainless Steel
Well I.D. 6.35 mm
Cell size 127 x 24 mm
The Model 9230 is a specialized instrument for the realization of the gallium melting point (29.7646°C). The instrument works with Hart’s Model 5943 stainless steel Ga cell to provide melting plateaus that can last a week (or longer). This instrument is intended for Calibration Laboratory use and not for field applications. Internal programming of the micro-processor controller provides preprogrammed scan rates, set-points for each step in the process, dwell timing, and indication that the next step is ready.
Temperature range 15°C to 35°C
Ambient operating range 18°C to 28°C
Stability +/- 0.02 °C
Melting/Freezing-point duration 5 days
Resolution 0.01°C
The Hart Scientific triple point of water cell consists of a cylindrical borosilicate glass container with a re-entrant tube which serves as a thermometer well. The design features a wide mouth at the opening for easier cell preparation. The bottom of the cell is fixed with a rubber bumper to cushion the cell in your dewar or bath holding fixture. The cells are thoroughly cleaned, filled with high purity gas-free water with the isotopic composition of sea water, and then sealed. The equilibrium temperature is realized at the ice-water interface surrounding the thermometer

Expanded uncertainty < 0.0001 °C
Reproducibility 0.00002 °C
Dimensions 60 mm x 380 mm x 12.6 mm
(internal diameter)  
Immersion depth 260 mm

The Hart Scientific Model 7312 is a floor standing constant temperature bath. This bath is useful in maintaining up to two triple point of water cells, performing temperature calibration, and other applications requiring stable temperatures. An innovative state of the art solid-state temperature controller has been incorporated which maintains the bath temperature with extreme stability. The temperature controller uses a micro controller to execute the many operating functions. Stability and uniformity are each better than ±0.005°C, so your cells stay usable for up to eight weeks. Whatever method you use for building your ice mantles, you can be assured they’ll last in a 7312 bath. An independent safety circuit protects your water cells from freezing and breaking by monitoring the temperature of the bath and shutting down its refrigeration system should the bath controller fail.

Range -5°C to 110°C
Stability +/- 0.004°C @30°C
Uniformity +/- 0.003°C @0°C
TPW duration Six week
Set-Point accuracy +/- 0.05°C @0°C
Volume 19 liters
Immersion depth 496 mm