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About us

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IDRONAUT S.r.l. was established in 1982, for the development of innovative marine instrumentation. Today the Company employs 10 people, most of whom are engineers and technologists primarily involved in research and development projects.
Personnel have been selected from both industrial and research backgrounds, to ensure that the company maintains its wide ranging expertise in the fields of :
 - Marine Chemistry- Computer Science & Software
 - Electrochemistry- Micro-mechanics
 - Sensor Design- Chemical and Physical Oceanography

The majority of the research carried out by Idronaut, has been self financed through the sale of Idronaut products.

Customers include major National research agencies, Universities and commercial organisations in Europe, North America and the Far East, where the company is also supported by local sales distributors.
Based on the company's high level of internal research, Idronaut has been able to introduce a number of innovative products into the marine instrument market place.
These include a series of low maintenance full ocean depth (7000 m) fast response sensors, incorporating a high specification seven ring conductivity cell and Oxygen sensor (no pump required), an In situ Trace Metals Analyser, Benthic Chamber and a Data Telemetry profiling buoy, for which Idronaut's pioneering development work has been acknowledged by the scientific community both in Italy and abroad.
Data Telemetry Buoy Profiler - Prizes /Acknowledgements for Innovative Industrial Development:
:: 1989 Prize for Environmental Diagnostics Field
:: 1990 Special Mention PREMIO PHILIP MORRIS.
:: 1991 Mention DESIGN NEWS AWARD (USA).
:: 1993 Finalist PREMIO PHILIP MORRIS.

Furthermore, Idronaut is presently developing other innovative instruments, in co-operation with Italian and European research institutes:
 > a chamber for measuring CO2 fluxes at the sea-atmosphere interface;
> a down-to-up multiparameter profiler integrating typical CTD parameters and acoustic current meters.
Idronaut is the Project Leader of the following international (funded by the European Commission) and national projects, which have been carried out together with some Italian and European partners:

::European Commission - EUROSTARS Programme - Project n° 5964
(Development of a multi-parameter geochemical probe for high temperature groundwater in-situ measurements (up to 105°C)).
::European Commission - EESD Programme - Contract n° EVK3-CT-2000-00036
(IMTEC - In situ automated Monitoring of Trace metal speciation in Estuaries and Coastal zones, in relation with the biogeochemical processes).
::European Commission - MAST III 94-98 - Contract n° MAS3-CT95-0033
(VAMP - Voltammetric Autonomous Measuring Probes for trace metals in the water column <500 m, max depth> and at water-sediment interfaces <6000 m, max depth>).
::European Commission - MAST II 91-94 - Contract n° MAS2-CT92-0043
(Development and validation of an anodic stripping voltammeter for remote automatic analysis of heavy metals (Zn, Cu, Pb, Cd) in estuarine and coastal waters).
 (Benthic Instrumentation and Monitoring System for Investigation of Physical and Geotechnical Properties of the Water-sediment Interface).
Moreover, Idronaut is a partner of the following European Commission projects:
::European Commission - EESD Programme - Contract n° EVK4-CT-2000-00028
 (CATS - Cyanobacteria attack rocks: control and preventive strategies to avoid damage caused by cyanobacteria and associated microorganisms in roman hypogean mouments).
::BRITE-EURAM III - Contract n° BRPR-CT97-0374
 (Development of a methodology for detecting deep metal ore deposits through phisico-chemical analysis of fluids in shallow boreholes).
As far as the RADIO BUOY 601/701 PROFILER is concerned, to the best of our knowledge, this is a unique instrument which does not have any competitors at world-wide level. That also enabled this robot to be used as a component of these complex international research projects, where Idronaut is a partner:
( Feasibility, Development and Realization of advanced HW/SW Tools to Manage Atmospheric and Aqueous Environment on Local and Regional Areas).
(Ecological impact of Floating Cage Aqua culture systems and strategies for controlling Energy Flows in Marine Environments).